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Lever style turn signal kit with 4way hazard option and horn

Great for your UTV or Golf cart project

***Bonus 4-way flasher feature***


Fuse and fuse holder

Heavy duty metal column lever switch with indicator

on/off toggle switch (4way hazard)

Adjustable flasher relay

Lighted horn button switch

Horn with mounting bracket

4-amber color LED lights  (for each corner of vehicle)

2-clear/white LED lights    (for interior indicators)

Includes installation instructions and diagrams

Looking for a simple turn signal kit at a great price?

We've got what you're after.

Great for your UTV, golf cart, dune buggy or 4x4 project.

Easy to install for anyone with a basic understanding of 12v electrical systems.

Just 2 wires to connect from vehicle (only requires 12v+ ignition source and chassis ground).

Seriously, these 3/4" round LED lights are about as simple as it gets when mounting lights. Simply drill a 3/4" hole and push these little guys in. BAM!  It's that easy! These little lights fit absolutely PERFECT on all 4 corners of a Polaris RZR and took less than a minute to mount all 4 of them.

At the heart of this kit is a column style lever turn signal switch with indicator on end of lever.  Folks, this is a complete metal body switch WITH an integrated metal mounting bracket! Far superior to the cheap plastic type units painted with chrome paint that you see all over the internet where the mounting flange can easily break off. This one is metal and it's stout! Seriously, for a turn signal switch this thing is robust. We tried various other column switches and this is the one you want on your machine. To take it one step further, we've swapped the old fashion incandescent indicator bulb out for an LED. The LED light is far superior. Incandescent bulbs will fail after a bit of vibration.

Universal lever switch designed to fit round metal steering columns. May not fit all models in which case a toggle switch  kit should be chosen instead.

Adjustable flasher relay                             (allows you to dial in your own custom flasher speed)

On/Off lighted toggle hazard switch         (1/2" mounting hole)    or use lighted Rocker switch

Lighted horn push button                          (5/8" mounting hole)

Horn with mounting bracket                      (simply bolt it on, or zip tie it under the hood)

4- amber color Led lights for each corner of vehicle   (3/4" mounting hole)

2-clear LED lights great for interior turn signal indicators (or use as overhead maplights)

This is a DIY universal kit and ships with 4 lights. Depending on your installation, you may need additional lights (available separately) to ensure adequate visibility.


( For even more style and visibility add additional lights to each corner. Lights available in our other listings)

Always consult your local and State laws if you intend to utilize this kit to make your machine street legal. Depending on the laws in your area this kit may or may not comply with street legal requirements.